Frequently Asked Questions

I applied for my Terps VISA® Signature Rewards Card. When should I expect to receive my card?

Upon approval, you will receive your card in 2 – 3 weeks.

How can I access my Terps VISA® Signature Rewards Card information? 

You can access your Terps Card account online here or by downloading the Terps Card Mobile App. VISA information can also be accessed by calling Cardholder Services at 800-559-1022.

What is my Terps VISA® Signature Rewards Card Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

You can use the PIN to access cash advances and other services. To set or change your PIN call 888-886-0083.

What should I do if my Terps VISA® Signature Rewards Card is lost or stolen?

Call 800-449-7728. When you call, a VISA® representative will take your information, place a block on your account, and order a replacement card (at your request). The international number to call for a lost or stolen card is 727-299-2449.

What if a charge I don’t recognize is on my billing statement? 

We recommend that cardholders contact the merchant or company to inquire about the nature of the charge before submitting a dispute; you may find an 800/888 number listed directly below the merchant’s name on the statement. Please call 800-559-1022 with further inquiries or log on to your account online to electronically dispute.

I will be traveling with my card, what steps can I take to avoid any issues with my Terps VISA® Signature Rewards Card?

Call Cardholder Services at 800-559-1022 to indicate location(s) of travel and dates. We recommend notifying Cardholder Services at least 72 hours prior to your planned travel. Your travel plans will be noted on your Terps Card account profile which can reduce the chance of fraud monitoring systems restricting access on your Terps Card account.

Where do I mail my Terps VISA® Signature Rewards Card payment?

The mailing address for payments is: VISA, PO Box 660493, Dallas, TX 75266-0493. 

How do I access, inquire, or redeem my Terp Rewards?

Log in to your online account here and select Terp Rewards.